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Engelen (2009), publisher: Oktober Forlag. From documentary to fiction. A book about the process behind the film The Angel. Also containing the script.

Ingen vet hvem jeg er (2007), publisher: Oktober forlag. A collection of non fiction texts previously published in her Saturday column in Dagbladet, 2005, 2006. 

Egentlig (2005), publisher: Andersen & Butenschøn. A collection of essays by eight different authors.


Musikkvideo/music video (2006) Dice - by Thomas Dybdahl
See it here or read more here

Kvinnepanelet (2010), appointed by the minister of children and familiy, Audun Lysbakken. The committee worked on a proposition to the government regarding gender equality issues.

Tenketårnet (2007), appointed by the minister of Justice and the Police Knut Storberget. The committee worked on a proposition to the Storting regarding the welfare of inmates in prison.

Nestekjærlighet.no (2007), initiated a campaing for a more humane asylum process.

Einarsson utvalget (2006), appointed by the minister of culture and church affairs, Trond Giske. The aim of the committee was to propose changes in the excisting film politics.