Velkommen! Her finner du informasjon om filmene mine og tekster jeg har skrevet. Jeg poster jevnlig oppdateringer om nye prosjekter og ellers hva jeg måtte ha på hjertet. Du finner også kontaktinformasjon for å booke meg til foredrag. Alt godt! Margreth

Our new project: The Self Portrait

Our new project: The Self Portrait

Speranza Film's new project opens IDFA Forum 2017 in Amsterdam.

On monday the 20th of November 2017, IDFA Forum opens and we have been chosen to be the first crew to present our new project - The Self Portrait. 

A total of 680 projects were submitted to Forum this year and finally 57 projects have been selected from 23 countries. Filmmakers and producers are given the opportunity to present their documentary projects to representatives of international television stations, online platforms, distributors and funds with the aim of attracting finance and distribution for their documentary projects. 

The Self Portrait

- A story about shame, body and art. 

A child who takes the whole world in, unable to shut anything out. A kind of sensitivity some people do not grow out of.   

The Self Portrait is a film about Lene Marie Fossen who appears to be dying from anorexia.
She stopped eating when she was 10 years old. She didn't want to grow up. Twenty years later Lene still doesn't eat. The days are divided into four. Four nutritional drinks. And work.
The work of an artist. Lene is an up and coming, unique talent in the world of photography. She is facing an international breakthrough.

Critics claim she is among the best still photographers in our present time. She taught herself to be a photographer. Her knack for dramaturgy and ability to read the light is what makes her photography stand out. She captures the strength and soul in her subjects.   Her first solo exhibition will soon open. An exhibition consisting entirely of self portraits – will this be the first day of her new life? Can she rid herself of shame by exposing it?

Lene's photos give us a unique insight into her situation. The strength she finds in others, she tries to find in herself through her self portraits.  A way to confront her illness, even though the pictures might be unbearable to look at.

Raw, naked, honest. You have never seen Self Portraits like these.

For 18 years Lene has evaded help from the Norwegian Health Care system. Now she has reached a turning point and realized that she has to change to control her disease. If not, she will die. Our film will document Lene’s struggle. Her parents are by her side, exhausted,  but hopeful. Time is running out.  Lene’s sensitivity made her ill, but will that also be what saves her?

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Producer: Margreth Olin for Speranza Film

Director: Katja Høgset

Co-directors: Espen Wallin & Margreth Olin

Photographers: Øystein Mamen & Espen Wallin

Editor: Helge Billing

Lene's website:

Speranza Film at Asia TV Forum & Market in Singapore 2017

Speranza Film at Asia TV Forum & Market in Singapore 2017

Premiär på Barndom i Sverige 03.11.2017

Premiär på Barndom i Sverige 03.11.2017